Residential Electrical Services

From simple installations of recessed can lighting, ceiling fans, switches, outlets and home audio wiring to more complicated repairs of main breaker panels, underground pool wiring, adding new circuits, and kitchen and bathroom remodeling, we can do it all! Our professionally trained and fully licensed and insured electricians will give you peace of mind from the moment they arrive at your doorstep.

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Some of our Residential Electrical Services Include: 

A/C & Heating Circuits- electrical connections to power air conditioner and heating units
Arc-Fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) Breakers- a safety device that shuts electric power to a circuit when an electric arc is detected and prevents electrical fires
Breakers- a safety device that shuts electric power to a circuit when the electrical current exceeds the circuit’s capacity and prevents electrical fires
Ceiling Fans- an electrically powered fan wired to a box in the ceiling
Electrical Outlets- a socket that connects a device to an electricity supply
Electrical Panels- a board that divides the total power coming into the house into smaller circuits that power various areas in the house
Fuses- a safety device that shuts off electric power if the circuit becomes overloaded
Ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) Outlets- an outlet that contains a certain type of breaker that shuts the electric power to a circuit when it sense an imbalance between outgoing and incoming current; protects people from electric shock
Landscape Lighting- outdoor lighting for aesthetic enhancement and safety
Pool Circuits- underground power for the GFCI-protected pool light and pumps
Lighting Fixtures- an electrical device that provides light and may be operated by a switch
Phone Cabling and Wiring- low-voltage wiring that connects telephones to an electrical supply
Recessed Lighting- light fixtures that are installed into a hollow opening in the ceiling
Smoke Detectors- a safety device that gives a warning when smoke is detected
Switches & Dimmers- devices that turn on and off electric power

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